There’s happiness in this investment!

The first steps in the success of Beyaz Butik, Turkey’s first imported brand of wedding dresses, began in 1997. If you want to enter the bride dress industry, which develops each year and offers a high profit, with 24 years of Beyaz Butik experience, you may join us.

    • Although a 120-150m2 store is sufficient according to its concept, store decoration support and the project will provide the centre.
    • A – Plus, avenues with visibility and high signal value are preferred.
    • With the software system, it is possible to easy manage the franchise branch and track the immediate inventory and the sale.
    • Beyaz Butik shops work with a scheduling system. Applications from the region where the franchise branch will locate at the centre will address the franchise branch in the area.
    • Beyaz Butik’s favourite collection of wedding dresses and evening dresses will send to the franchise branch before opening from the centre.

Contact :

0532 747 18 76
0533 935 46 74